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"Irie" Limited Edition by Nikki Taylor

"Irie" Limited Edition by Nikki Taylor

  • Details:
    • 8” x 10” Fine Art Print on Kinwashi Rice Paper
    • Turquoise Rustic Frame: 11" x 14"  


  • Story Behind the Art: The grin on the sea turtle immediately brought the word ‘Irie’ to Nikki Taylor. Living in the islands, ‘Irie’ encompasses all aspects of the Bahamian/Island lifestyle- Everything's Going To Be Alright. Sea turtles have played vital roles in maintaining the health of the world's oceans for more than 100 million years. These roles range from maintaining productive coral reef ecosystems to transporting essential nutrients from the oceans to beaches and coastal dunes. Let’s do our part in protecting these beautiful creatures!


  • Shipping Included !!
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