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"Respect Hu-Manatees" Limited Edition by Nikki Taylor

"Respect Hu-Manatees" Limited Edition by Nikki Taylor

  • Details:
    • 8” x 10” Fine Art Print on Kinwashi Paper 
    • Matte: 11” x 14” Navy Blue
    • Frame: 14" x 17" Rustic  


  • Story Behind the Art: Did you know manatees are considered apex predators and have no natural predators. The greatest threat to these gentle chubby vegans are humans- yes only us. It’s time to respect these beautiful creatures. Be aware of marine debris & help clean up your local coastal areas. Manatees natural habitat are severely under threat & it’s time for us ‘humans’ to make a positive change to keep them around for new generations.


  • Shipping Included !!
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