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"Have Shells, Will Travel"

"Have Shells, Will Travel"


Have Shells, Will Travel by Nikki Taylor:

Loggerhead sea turtles migrate thousands of miles through the world’s oceans, but they don’t travel solo—research shows they carry surprisingly diverse and abundant populations of tiny creatures on their shells. “Have Shells, Will Travel” by Nikki was inspired by sea turtles incredible travel abilities and inner compass to return to the same nesting grounds where they were born when its time to lay their own eggs!


Product Details:

Materials: Printed and hand cut in-house on archival quality, fade resistant linen paper.


Shipping: Prints size 8x10 including matte/11x14 including matte and below will be packaged in a clear cello sleeve, backed by a 22pt chipboard sheet, inside a flat biodegradable extra-rigid fiberboard photo/document mailer and shipped via USPS.

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